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A Unique Consulting Network

Hilltop Partner Network is a member network of independent consultants and specialist firms. We connect members to opportunities, and we connect customers to capabilities.

Our model is truly unique in the consulting world. It is based on a collaborative service model that:

  • Is agile, scalable, and beneficial to our members.
  • Maintains a small footprint, with no bench and low overhead.
  • Supports consultants who want the flexibility to build their own businesses while also working on
    interesting projects with a teamed approach.
  • Allows customers to access a broad range of specialists and capabilities to meet their unique

Our Member Model

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Independent consultant members are seasoned professionals who are experts in their field. They provide delivery capacity for the network and help identify new opportunities for customers.


Specialist Firms are small and medium-sized businesses that provide a unique set of specialty services to their customers. They drive business development and contribute to the network’s overall capacity.

The HPN team acts as a general business development agent to drive new opportunities for the network as a whole. We also bring multiple members together to help bid on and deliver larger-scale opportunities.

Built On Trust

The foundation for the Hilltop Partner Network is our Social Contract. All members are bound by a written agreement that ensures trust, integrity, quality of service and fair play amongst the membership.

Adherence to the social contract is overseen by members themselves, through an elected Member Council, which ensures the quality and high standards of the network are always maintained.

HPN also operates a platform that manages revenue-sharing payments using a consistent and completely transparent financial model.

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In The Community

Hilltop Partner Network began in Manitoba as a partnership between Geoff Besko, Renée Riglin and Kevin Roberts. From the very beginning we envisioned a new type of consultancy: one that wasn’t limited to any one province or industry. Our scalable membership model has made that possible.

Today, HPN is an active member of the professional consulting community across Canada. Our members are seasoned professionals working in multiple industries and specialty areas, from coast to coast.

We’re dedicated to being a good partner, a good corporate citizen, and a good neighbour. We try to live these values through:


A proud member of Tech Manitoba
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Working At HPN

Are you interested in careers at HPN? Learn more about working with us:

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