Opportunities for Architects

Consulting Opportunities for IT & Business Architects

Hilltop Partner Network is a member network of independent consultants and specialist firms. We connect our members to new consulting opportunities. 

Our customers are always looking for IT and business architects, so we are looking to add more experienced architects to our membership. HPN is dedicated to connecting the best consultants with new opportunities. 

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Senior Architects wanted

Do you work as an independent consultant in the following business architect categories? Are you currently employed and looking to start your own consulting business as an architect? If so, there are opportunities waiting for you at HPN. 

We’re looking for senior-level IT architects (10+ years of experience) who can provide leadership, mentorship, and advanced analytical expertise to our customers. 


Enterprise Architects 

Have a deep understanding of organizational systems, processes, and technologies. They provide strategic direction, aligning IT strategies with business objectives, and optimizing technology ecosystems.
Experience Required: 10+ years 


Network Architects 

Are responsible for designing and implementing computer networks for organizations. Network architects play a crucial role in ensuring that organizations have efficient, secure, and scalable network infrastructures to support operations and growth.
Experience Required: 10+ years 


Security Architects 

Experts in safeguarding our digital assets. They analyze and design security measures, ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of our data and systems.
Experience Required: 10+ years 


Solution Architects 

Professionals who design solutions to meet specific business needs or address specific problems faced by an organization. They bridge the gap between business problems and technology solutions. Designing customized, cost-effective, and sustainable solutions that align with business objectives and technical requirements.
Experience Required: 10+ years 


Technical Architects 

Responsible for translating business requirements into technical solutions. These architects will help with technical implementation and ensure that tech solutions are fully aligned with business needs.
Experience Required: 10+ years 


Transformation Architects 

Specialize in guiding organizations through significant strategic, operational, or technological changes to achieve their desired future state.
Experience Required: 10+ years 


Don’t see your exact title? We’re recruiting experienced architects across all fields. If you believe in the power of innovation, strategy, and collaboration and are ready to jump into the world of independent consulting, let us know! 

Benefits of Membership

Whether you’re new to consulting or if you’ve been doing it for years, joining Hilltop Partner Network lets you tap into more opportunities and more resources to help grow your business. 

Membership in Hilltop Partner Network offers several benefits:

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