Strength in Numbers

Hilltop Partner Network is a member network of independent consultants and specialist firms.
We connect members to opportunities.
We connect customers to capabilities.

Customized Solutions For Every Customer

Could your company benefit from experienced consultants? Our customized services can help you identify challenges, offer advice, and propose and implement practical solutions.

When you work with a Hilltop Partner Network member you get access to the full breadth of skills and experience our members bring to the table. Our membership is diverse, and we can build you a custom solution to fit your business needs.

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Our Service & Solution Areas

We provide business expertise and an objective eye to help our customers meet their strategic goals—no matter how big (or small) your business is.

A Unique Consulting Network

Hilltop Partner Network is a member network of independent consultants and specialist firms. We connect members to opportunities, and we connect customers to capabilities.

Our model is truly unique in the consulting world. It is based on a collaborative service model that:

  • Is agile, scalable, and beneficial to our members.
  • Maintains a small footprint, with no bench and low overhead.
  • Supports consultants who want the flexibility to build their own businesses while also working on
    interesting projects with a teamed approach.
  • Allows customers to access a broad range of specialists and capabilities to meet their unique

Our Members Are

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Independent Consultants

Seasoned professionals who are experts in their field.

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Specialist Firms

Small and medium-sized businesses that provide a unique set of specialty services to their customers.

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What Our Members Say

Robert Hamburger

As an HPN member since early 2021, I have nothing but great things to say about the organization.

This dynamic, constantly growing organization nonetheless maintains a focus on the individual. It shows in the high win rate in placing resources at opportunities across Canada. This is obviously a result of showcasing a person’s talents and understanding  a good fit to a potential opportunity/organization. It worked for me as a contractor and they had me placed quickly.

Did I mention that HPN pays monthly invoices rapidly? No more waiting several weeks to get paid.

Couple that with very low placement fees, and you have a winner.

Project Manager

Paul Beaudry headshot

Paul Beaudry

Our partnership with Hilltop Partner Network has had a marked influence on the growth of ourCIO’s consulting services. HPN’s dedication to excellence across the membership has meant a breadth of industry experts are available to us through the network. They provide us with top notch consultants and have been able to present innovative ideas for growth.

Our collaborative co-marketing initiatives have also made a substantial impact on our business. By aligning our strategies and mutually promoting our services, we’ve not only amplified our brand visibility but have also cultivated fresh business opportunities.

In today’s fiercely competitive business landscape, Hilltop Partner Network stands as a pivotal ally that has enriched our service offerings and elevated our standing within the industry. We look forward to continuing our journey of success together.

Partner, Executive Digital Advisor/CIO, ourCIO

John Kuforiji

“Being a part of the Hilltop Partner Network has been an incredible experience for me. The benefits are endless, from accessing a vast pool of exciting and challenging opportunities to collaborating with some of the industry’s most skilled and experienced professionals and the partnership’s non-exclusive nature, allowing members to pursue options beyond the organization. I highly recommend joining the Hilltop Partner Network to anyone hoping to expand their network and grow in their chosen field.”

Senior Cybersecurity PM

Alireza (Al) Sajjadieh

“I am thrilled to share my exceptional experience as a member of Hilltop Partner Network. Joining HPN has been a game-changer for iSecureData, enabling us to connect with a vibrant community of cyber security professionals. Through HPN, we have forged invaluable partnerships, gained access to cutting-edge resources, and exchanged knowledge that has greatly enhanced our ability to do more businesses. iSecureData’s affiliation with HPN has undoubtedly elevated our credibility and expanded our network, ultimately ensuring our clients receive top-notch security solutions.”

Information Security Specialist, iSecureData

Chris Dunn

“HPN supports my consultancy by identifying specific opportunities with enough lead time so I can easily transition from completing one engagement and starting a new one without having a gap – it keeps my income consistent, stable, and predictable.”

C.H. Dunn Consulting

Adrian Wright, M.Sc, LSSGB

“I joined HPN less than a year ago as an Independent Consultant and have been impressed with the quality of RFPs that have arrived in my Inbox. This shows me the Sales team is attentive to my profile. Cathy Woodland always highlights the client’s needs, so that makes it easier to put your best foot forward when submitting your candidate proposal. I have also been glad to see the company’s level of growth so far and the plan/vision for further expansion.”

Project Management Consultant, ACW Consulting Company

Joanne Goss

Joanne Goss

“Being a member of the Hilltop Partner network has been a great experience for me.  What makes Hilltop unique is the support and guidance they provide to their members to ensure success. HPN has helped me find new consulting engagements when I want them and has allowed me to maintain the flexibility that is important to me at this stage in my career. I also had the chance to represent the voice of the membership as part of the HPN Member Council. I know that HPN offers real benefits to experienced consultants because it was developed and designed with us in mind.”

Independent Consultant

Abraham King

“Hilltop Partner Network has redefined consulting for independent consultants. I appreciate the structure, support, and systems put-in place to ensure each consulting engagement is successful. Hilltop is the place for finding a formidable network of top-notch consultants.”

Ableloft Consulting

Eddie Phillips

“HPN is in a class of their own; their well-connected executive team provides great opportunities that allow Iron Fox to compete in markets much more quickly than we would have without their support. HPN’s strengths lie in pulling teams of contractors together to achieve successes greater than the sum of their parts.”

Iron Fox Inc.

Doug Pelland

“HPN provides a solid framework for experienced information technology professionals to establish their independent consulting business. The guidance and support I received was tremendous.”

DJP Consulting

Gino Braha

“Having wound down my own business, becoming part of HPN brought unique opportunities to take on new interesting projects, working with teams of highly-motivated professionals and engaged clients, and to do so on my own terms, allowing me more time to travel and enjoy other personal time.”

Independent Consultant

Michael Graham

“HPN provides me a way to leverage my experience and capabilities to take on interesting work, with the flexibility of choosing when to work and what engagements to take on, so I can consult part-time.”

Atiston Business Consulting

Kevin Smeltz

Kevin Smeltz

“HPN has provided my firm with several interesting opportunities, that of course would not otherwise have been available to us. The people at HPN are very professional, skilled, and a pleasure to work with. The model definitely works!”

Smeltz Consulting Group

John Buckley

“Having worked in both corporate and independent consulting for over 40 years, I cannot speak highly enough of the professionalism and collegial behavior of Hilltop. I continue to be impressed with how attentive and effective Hilltop is in understanding and reacting to the needs of the independent consultant across the full spectrum of activities from recruitment, support, professional development, placement, and business matters. Clearly one of the best, if not the best, consulting group I have worked with.”

The Park Consulting Group

Rob Van Marion

Rob Van Marion

“Working with Hilltop is fantastic and refreshing. The team is very supportive and knowledgeable and best of all, completely ethical. Their concept is fully transparent which immediately builds trust, both with us consultants and with the customer. We are very happy to be part of the Hilltop Partner Network and we hope our relationship continues for many years to come. Thank you, Hilltop team, for setting up this great concept!!”

1804 Consulting

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