2023 Social Responsibility Initiative donation to the End Hunger Fund

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Hilltop Partner Network believes in showing our commitment to being a good corporate citizen and community member. One of the ways we try to do that is through our annual Social Responsibility Initiative, a charitable donation to a registered not-for-profit agency on behalf of the membership.

More Canadian households are struggling to put food on the table than ever before, and those numbers are growing each year. Nearly seven million Canadians struggled with hunger last year, according to a recent Statistics Canada study.

Food insecurity is a growing problem that has very real impacts on the lives of people in our communities. That’s why HPN will be donating $4,000 to the End Hunger Fund, through our 2023 Social Responsibility Initiative.

The End Hunger Fund, managed by Unite For Change, brings together over 400 registered charities from coast to coast to coast.

The charities in this fund are all working towards the same common goal of eliminating food insecurity in Canada by focusing on increasing access to nutritious food and addressing the root causes of food insecurity. Our donation will go towards food banks, student breakfast programs, community kitchens and gardens, and much more.

We are humbled and grateful to be able to contribute to this worthy cause on behalf of the membership. We also know there is still a lot of work to be done to eliminate food insecurity in our country.

They could always use more help. Donations can be made to the End Hunger Fund on the website.


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