Tech Consulting – What Is It? Panel Discussion in Winnipeg

Tech Consulting – What Is It?

August 17, 2023

5:00 PM CDT

Kings Head Pub in Winnipeg


Attention tech consultants! Two of our very own, Kevin Roberts and Doug Pelland, will be participating in a panel discussion titled: Tech Consulting – What Is It as part of the Winnipeg Tech Thursday event series.


The event is this coming Thursday, August 17th, at 5pm, at the Kings Head Pub. Stick around for a great panel discussion and a happy hour after the event! Panel



Andrew Graham, Tech Consultant

Doug Pelland, Principal Director at DJP Consulting Inc.

Sandra Foster, Managing Director of Capstone Ridge Group

Kevin Roberts, Co-founder and Principal Consultant at Hilltop Partner Network 


Want to join? Get your ticket to the event here!


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