#TechThursday Panel Recap: Tech Consulting – What Is It?

What exactly is Tech Consulting? HPN’s Kevin Roberts and Doug Pelland helped to answer that question to a packed house at the King’s Head Pub, as part of #TechThursday Winnipeg’s August 17 panel.

The featured panelists included:

  • Kevin Roberts, Co-founder and Principal Consultant at Hilltop Partner Network 
  • Doug Pelland, Principal Director at DJP Consulting Inc. and Hilltop Partner Network member
  • Sandra Foster, Managing Director of Capstone Ridge Group
  • Andrew Graham, Tech Consultant

Thanks to Bashir Mustapha for capturing and sharing some of the highlights in this LinkedIn video:

(You can watch all of Bashir’s TechThursday videos and follow him here.)

Thank you as well to the entire team at #TechThursday Winnipeg, and to  Startup TNT for sponsoring this great event. We can’t wait for the next one!


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